What We do



  • Septic Inspections for realty purchases and/or pre-Planning

  • Septic Planning or Restoration

  • Inspections during construction to confirm design components & workmanship

  • Monitoring and Maintenance

We are contacted to review the documentation and inspect the current condition of a septic system. The inspection will determine whether the system is working or not, to what degree and if there is much life left to it. The Septic system sizing is documented and in addition we touch base on any anticipated future costs that may be incurred.

Our results normally include a sketch of the component locations on a scaled drawing grid with a north arrow. Many of the plans we review have no scale or north arrow. This may suggest a liability shift from the current owner to the purchaser.

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Why Use Southland?


  • Septic Inspections, certified and insured
  • Planning Type 1 and 2 Septic Systems 1990 – Present
  • Partial Planning Type 3 systems 1990-present
  • Maintenance and Monitoring works Residential and Commercial
  • Applied Science Technologist
  • On-Site Wastewater Practitioner
  • Public Works Inspectors Society Member
  • Service Award in 2010 from Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC, ASTTBC  for On-Site Wastewater Application Review Board participation from its Inception in 2005 to 2009 inclusive
  • Authorized Person.